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Solar Energy Projects In California

This solar project was completed by our experienced solar panel installation team in Riverside, California. Each member of our solar energy installation team is experienced in both small and large-scale solar projects. We consider solar projects of this size to be small solar panel projects that can be completed in 1-2 days. This picture was taken on the day of the installation.

As you can see, no damage was done to the roof of this house. Additionally, our attention to detail plays a role in every solar project we complete from the permitting process required by local governments to the construction of the renewable energy system for your home. We provide clean solar panel installation services: no garbage left behind, clean wire management, and an all rail cut precisely 2” outside the solar modules. Our crew finished early enough to enjoy the sunset as well!

In the picture below, you can see the energy generated by the sun! This solar power project is a flat roof solar installation in San Jaun Capistrano, CA. These energy-efficient panels will create renewable energy using the sun for years to come. This project shows our combined roofing and solar industry expertise. We used chemlink chem curb to seal the roof.

This is a much more robust investment that ensures there are no leaks in the roof, which can be a problem when a roof is completely flat like this. Other companies that don't specialize in roofing may just use a bucket of tar because it costs less in the short term.

Many communities in the city and even in rural areas are deciding to switch to a renewable energy source, such as solar power. It is energy efficient and costs less in the long term. As we continue to complete more solar projects, it is becoming more clear how fast renewable energy development is moving.

Our Work

More Renewable Energy Projects

Energy-efficient solar panels like this are perfect for customers in the suburbs. These solar panels will not be disturbed by the wind as they are installed with high-quality brackets. This is one of the solar projects we did in Irvine, CA. In addition to installing the black-on-black solar panels, we also installed a new roof.

One of the benefits of black-on-black solar panels is that more solar generation will be created since the darkness of the panels will attract more energy from the sun. During the roof installation phase of this solar project, we added a flush roof vent as well.

This picture below shows the capacity of what a roof can handle in terms of physical solar panels. We maximized the recurrent energy this customer will be able to use for decades to come simply by optimizing the amount of roof space available. When it comes to solar energy: more solar panels equals a more energy-efficient household.

This is one of the solar projects completed in Huntington Beach, CA. While keeping aesthetics in mind for the customer, we only installed solar panels on the backside of the roof. This serves a functional purpose as well since the solar panels will generate more energy from the morning sunlight.

Mission Viejo

Solar Installtion in Mission Viejo, CA

This solar project will provide excellent energy efficiency to our client in Mission Viejo, CA. This was a solar and tile roof install. We hold a roofing license and know how to correctly walk on tiles, so they don't break. Notice that there are no chipped tiles on this steep roof. Another noteworthy aspect of this solar project is the great wire management.

Orange County, CA

Solar Projects in Orange County, CA

Some clients, like this one in Orange, CA, like to focus on aesthetics as well as solar capacity benefits. To deliver the expected results to this customer, we used black-on-black high wattage modules. Notice the conduit (metal pipe) on the side of the roof is painted to match. Many companies leave this metal colored, which looks terrible. Our team always puts the interest of our client first!

Carlsbad, CA

Solar Tile Installation in Carlsbad, CA

This is another perfect tile installation located in Carlsbad, CA. As you can see, there are no chips, cracks, or broken tiles. This is another example of our excellent workmanship and quality resources.

This was a larger solar install for a customer with an EV (Electric Vehicle). Both sides of the roof look flawless and will provide this client solar energy for years to come. This is an example of how our team will operate with great attention to detail.

Corona, CA

Current Project in Corona, CA

This is a developing work in progress. The roof is kept clean during the solar energy panel install, showing attention to detail and care to the homeowner. This client is located in Corona, California.

Renewable Energy Development In California

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