Professional Solar Ground Mount System Installation

Ground-mount solar has been in use for a few decades now, but mostly in commercial and industrial spaces. But thanks to the increased power outages all over USA, home and business owners who weren't eligible for rooftop solar installations are now considering ground-mount solar systems as a possible alternative.

Thanks to breakthroughs in solar technology, ground-mounted solar panel systems are now compact enough to fit in the limited confines of residential and commercial properties, providing solar power to anyone who wants a solar power system.

Want to Install Solar Panels, But Rooftop Solar Isn't Possible?

Many homes and commercial establishments can't qualify for a rooftop solar system due to their roof structure being unable to support rooftop systems. But if you have some free real estate to spare, you can easily opt for a standard ground-mount solar system that works just as well, if not better, than rooftop installations depending on the location of the solar array.

A ground-mounted solar array generates power depending on the size of the solar panel system and the number of solar panels installed. So how much you're solar system will be able to generate depends on how much land you can afford to spare and how many solar panels you're willing to install.

Ground-Mounted Solar Panels: A Logical Alternative

Ground-mount solar panels are the most logical alternative when your roof cannot support a solar system. Depending on your location and property, there are two different ground-mounted panels to choose from. They are:

Standard ground-mount solar systems

Using a metal frame as support, multiple solar panels are lined up in rows to mimic the layout of rooftop panels. A standard ground-mounted system can be rotated thanks to the frame to adapt to seasonal changes as the sun slowly switches directions. The metal frames are in a fixed position, you can only rotate them. Standard ground-mounted solar systems can usually accommodate more solar panels.

Pole-Mounted Solar Systems

Pole-mounted systems, on the other hand, involve mounting solar panels on poles to achieve better efficiency of solar cells if the ground is surrounded by shades such as trees. They also use tracking systems to increase the energy efficiency of the mounted solar panels. A pole mount usually measures 10-15 ft above the ground so the solar panels can produce more electricity.

Ground-Mounted Solar System: Installation and Maintenance

Installation of ground-mounted systems is often easier and cheaper than rooftop solar systems as the laborious process of pulling up the panels and other parts isn't required. Instead, a ground-mount solar kit is used for the installation process, making installing solar panels easier.

For maintenance of ground-mount solar installations, a performance monitor is attached to the system which can be operated from a smart device of your choice. If a problem arises, you can call in for engineering support to solve the issue.

Benefits of a Ground-Mounted Solar System

There are a lot of benefits to owning a ground-mounted solar system. The most important and best ones include:

  • Easy installation process

  • Can capture more sunlight

  • Reduces risk of roof damage

  • Easy to access, clean, and maintain

  • Highly cost-effective

How Much Do Ground-Mounted Solar Systems Cost?

Ground-mounted solar panels are typically more expensive than rooftop solar panel systems, but they also bring more benefits. The average price of ground-mounted solar systems starts from $27,000 and goes over $60,000 depending on the size of the project and the quality of panels involved.

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